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DELIVER Purpose & Hope

Monday evenings is the time we set aside for individuals and classes to be on mission to DELIVER Purpose & Hope around Winnsboro.  Individuals from every Sunday School class meet weekly for an intentional, balanced, sustainable outreach strategy through the Sunday School called WITH outREACH.  Sunday nights end with a weekly Worship Service at 6 pm. FBC also engages in missions beyond the Winnsboro area.


4xfour:  the name of our Jesus-centered personal evangelism strategy.  Every church member is encouraged to ask the Lord to IDENTIFY four unchurched people, INTERCEDE in prayer several times a week for them, INVEST into an authentic relationship with them, and INVITE them to experience your hospitality, small group, evangelistic church event and to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  

Share Jesus without Fear training:  we regularly train individuals and families participating in regional and international missions with Share Jesus training.  It is also offered regularly during our Life Development time on Wednesdays so that every believer is equipped, empowered, and prepared to Share Jesus as He orchestrates opportunity.  

WITH outREACH is the name of our Sunday School group strategy for outreach.  Every Sunday School class or department is encouraged to spend time WITH people in the Winnsboro community.  (W)e (I)nvite (T)hem (H)ome is a strategic effort to reach the families in and around the Winnsboro area.

Women on Mission (WOM):  the purpose of WOM is to inform and inspire the contemporary woman to influence her world for Christ.  

The Global Missions Resource Center:  the center provides media resources to help individuals and families to live an on-mission lifestyle.

Local Missions:  FBC members engage in local missions opportunities such as the benevolence ministry, the backpack ministry through our Elementary School and the Winnsboro Community Resource Center


Mission Trips:  FBC members participate in regular national and international mission trips. Trips are regularly made to New York, Mexico, Africa, Central and South America.  You can direct questions and interest in mission trip involvement to J. Scott Hettich. 


Mission Partnerships: Project Samuel with Relationships for Christ Ministries.  FBC members partner with this ministry based out of Zambia, Africa working with orphans, training nationals for Kingdom impact, and using sustainability efforts such as hydo- and aqua-ponics to help villages be self-supporting.   

Agua Resources: FBC member Connan Welch leads teams several times a year with Agua Resources to various locations in Mexico needing clean water access.  Teams provide a deep water well to provide water so the people can live, and the Living Water of Jesus so people can live forever.

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