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Dr. David Rose, Pastor

Thursday, October 29, 2020—Luke 4-6
            The Spirit will lead you where He wants you to go, but those may be places you would never choose yourself. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert facing temptation. He overcame those temptations through the power of the Spirit and the truth of the word of God. He saw His Father as more beautiful than anything the flesh, the eyes, or pride could offer. In the end, He was stronger and more mature than if He had not been challenged.
            When Jesus returned to His hometown, He read from the Scriptures, and the people were amazed. When He made the people realize they were spiritually immature, they changed their minds and tried to kill Him. Undeterred, He preached and healed in many places. Then, He called His first disciples. In doing so, He stunned them with the magnitude of His glory and power but reassured them and called them to minister with Him.
            Jesus was doing a new work that made the teachers of the Law angry. Jesus wanted people to consider why God had given the Law instead of why tradition told them to keep the Law. He was stretching their minds and spirits (5:33-6:11) so they could know God and enjoy Him. That stretching process is rarely comfortable but will pay great dividends if endured to completion. He was calling then and now to lives of love for enemies, doing to others as one would have them do to self, examining self, transformed hearts, and obedient faith (6:27-49).
            Thank God for challenges that lead to your growth and His glory.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020—Luke 1-3
            Matthew walked with Jesus. Mark was personal friends with Peter. Luke, however, was an outsider. He came to know Jesus long after He had ascended to heaven. Luke was so moved and amazed by the gospel that he spent time with eyewitnesses to put together an investigative report about the life and ministry of Jesus so others could know Jesus with certainty.
            God prepared the way for Jesus even before His arrival. God told Zechariah, a priest, that he and his wife would have a son, John, in their old age. John would be a spokesman who would be like the Old Testament prophet Elijah, calling people to change their hearts and minds. Some months later, He sent an angel to a young, unmarried woman named Mary, informing her she would be the mother of Jesus. The angel told her nothing was impossible with God (1:37). Elizabeth, Mary, and Zechariah all responded to God and His plan with praise and wonder.
            When Jesus was born, there was more praise and wonder. The angels announced His arrival. The shepherds glorified God. Simeon and Anna expressed profound gratitude, and Joseph and Mary were amazed. Jesus’ coming was unusual but unmistakable. God had come to earth.
            When the time was right, John began to lay the groundwork for Jesus’ ministry, calling people to repentance and new lives (3:8). Then, Jesus was baptized, and His ministry began. Praise God today for sending Jesus to earth. Pray for repentance that glorifies Him and draws others to Him.

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