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3DLife Student Ministries is a partnership between parents and the church family to love and lead students to discover Life, develop life, and deliver Life in Christ.

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday Mornings: 

  3DLife Bible Study Groups in youth building for 7th - 12th grade youth:


7-12 Girls Karen Winkle, Amanda Henry and Sandy Gomez YMC
7-12 Boys Robert Gomez YMC

Wednesday Evenings:

   3DLife Celebration  a weekly worship gathering for students and their friends.


3DLife Events:  The 3DLife Student facebook page is the hub for up-to-the-minute student ministry information, events and photos. The facebook page includes all of the promotional information students receive every month.

Helpful Parent Resources:
     Downloads:   Event Permission Slip            2017 Medical Release Form

             Websites:   The Discovery Institute:  Exploring Apparent Science & Faith Contradictions
             CPYU | Center for Parent Youth Understanding by Walt Mueller
             Josh McDowell Ministries, answering questions about truth and relationships
             Heart Connex Family eDevotionals
, Richard Ross

             Books:    Parenting with Kingdom Purpose, Ken Hemphill and Richard Ross
             Christ is All: New Revised Version,
 by David Bryant and Richard Ross           
             Accelerate:  Parenting Teens Toward Adulthood, Richard Ross and David Booth (contributor)         
             Parenting Teens: Essentials for the Journey, Richard Ross and David Booth
             30 Days: Turning the Hearts of Parents and Teens Toward Each Other, Richard Ross and Gus Reyes


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