DISCOVER God & His Family


DISCOVER God & His Family

You will do this best when you attend the Sunday worship service and bring your family regularly to participate in a Sunday morning Bible study group. We have age-graded groups, multi-generational groups, men's, women's and co-ed groups -- there is something for everyone.


Worship Service, 10:30am:  
Scripture reminds us that true worshippers must worship God in "spirit and truth" (John 4:24). The service blends traditional and modern songs that contain heart-inspiring, biblically-sound praises to God.  Like the blending of our casual and more formal musical styles, every attender may wear the attire of their choice that brings honor and praise to God--people who are comfortable in boots and jeans, or slacks and a golf shirt, will feel right at home here. 

Bible Study Groups, 9:00am:  
Sunday morning Bible study groups provide an opportunity for people to forge meaningful relationships, study what the Bible means for real life, and reach out to others in need.

Discovering God Personally: An encounter with God, though facilitated by the services and groups on Sunday mornings, happens in the individual heart. 

You can discover what it means to begin a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ by clicking on Many people have a variety of questions about Jesus, especially in light of today's scientifically-minded, globalized world full of competing truth claims.  We encourage you to view other videos at that will help you on your journey for answers to life's most important questions. A staff member would be happy to discuss any questions or insights you have about Jesus.

DEVELOP Yourself & Others

Wednesday night programming is designed to offer something that develops you, or provides an opportunity for you to develop others.  Wednesday night at 5:45 to 7:15 pm is the home of children's music & missions education, our youth group gathering, adult Life Development classes, and then adult choir.  Beginning with a fellowship meal at 5 pm, get involved and experience God shaping you to DEVELOP yourself & others.

DELIVER Purpose & Hope

Sunday evenings is the time we set aside for individuals and classes to be on mission to DELIVER Purpose & Hope around Winnsboro.  Sunday School classes meet to "CAST" their outreach nets -- fellowshipping around the work of prayer and various types of outreach.  FBC also encourages individuals and families to engage in missions beyond Winnsboro.

Our Beliefs

Our church rallies around the purpose and process of DISCOVER, DEVELOP and DELIVER

Our beliefs are consistent with the Southern Baptist Convention's The Baptist Faith and Message

We associate with Southern Baptists of Texas Convention & Baptist General Convention of Texas.

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